n Visiting Taiwan, Pelosi Capped Three Decades of Challenging China

From her first days in Congress, the future speaker was willing to confront China’s leaders. As she looked toward her legacy, the California Democrat was not about to back down this time.+

Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan was in keeping with her deep-seated position that China must be held to account for its posture toward Tibet and Hong Kong, as well as  its treatment of ethnic minorities and political activists.

Aug. 2, 2022

Carl Hulse

By Carl Hulse

Aug. 2, 2022


“WASHINGTON — In 1991, a trio of junior House members on a bipartisan trip to Asia was encouraged by a Chinese dissident they visited in Hong Kong to make a gesture of solidarity with government opponents and victims of the Tiananmen Square massacre when they reached Beijing.

They quickly embraced the daring idea.

“We were all nodding in agreement at the same time,” recalled Ben Jones, then a Democratic congressman from Georgia who made the trip along with John Miller, a Republican from Washington, and Nancy Pelosi, then an up-and-coming Democrat from California.

Sneaking away to the huge square where a rebellion had been brutally put down two years earlier, the three American visitors unfurled a banner provided by the dissidents and smuggled to the mainland by Mr. Jones.”