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David Lindsay, Jr. Author of The Tayson Rebellion
David Lindsay, Jr.

David Lindsay, Jr. first conceived of The Tây Sơn Rebellion after studying American-East Asian Relations and completing his Yale BA History thesis, The Cold War and The American War in Vietnam, in 1978.

The manuscript took ten years to write, between 1978 and 1988. During that time David studied Uechi-ryu (Okinawan) Karate, earning his Nidan, or second degree black belt. He also studied (Japanese) Aikido, reaching a second degree black belt.

Failing to find a publisher for his book, he went off to business school, and earned an MBA from the University of Washington in 1991. He also got married, had three children. Following graduation, he worked in IT, bookkeeping, and accounting with private companies and non-profits for the next nineteen years.

Then, in 2010, a tennis ball hit him on the head.

He took a 3-week visit to Vietnam and went back to working on this book.

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David’s maintains another blog, Inconvenient News, which focuses on American and world affairs in the areas of politics, environmentalism, climate change and population growth, the “drug wars,” and the Arts.

Besides being a writer, blogger, and accountant, David is a dance caller and folk music performer. He lives in his solar-powered home in Hamden, Connecticut.