The Tây Sơn Rebellion by David Lindsay, Jr.

The Tây Sơn Rebellion:
Historical Fiction of 18th Century Vietnam

by David Lindsay, Jr.

Set in 18th century Vietnam, this epic fictional history of the Tây Sơn Rebellion follows the story of three peasant brothers who tried to change the course of history.

“This work of historical fiction takes the reader to three continents to reveal the global connections behind the life and times of late eighteenth-century Vietnam.  Although a product of Lindsay’s imagination, it is informed by the author’s diligent historical research, his knowledge of local customs, and many imagined, but plausible, conversations.  The work climaxes in the step-by-step story of the Tayson Rebellion. Lindsay has created a suspenseful and unforgettable account, which results in a pleasing introduction to an important period.”

Beatrice “Betsy” Bartlett
Professor Emeritus, Chinese History, Yale University
Author of Monarchs and Ministers, The Grand Council in Mid-Ch’ing China, 1723-1820, University of California Press, 1991.

About the Author

David Lindsay, Jr. author of “The Tây Sơn Rebellion: Historical Fiction of Eighteenth-Century Vietnam,” is a writer, blogger, accountant, dance caller and folk music performer living in Hamden, Connecticut. He conceived of the book after studying American-East Asian Relations at Yale where he earned a BA degree in history in the spring of 1976, with a thesis titled The Cold War and The American War in Vietnam. He graduated a year after the American War in Vietnam ended.

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