The U.S. Can Sanction Russian Gas to Punish Putin. I’m Asking It to Do the Same in Myanmar.

June 23, 2022

By Thinzar Shunlei Yi

Ms. Thinzar is a Myanmar pro-democracy activist.

“Myanmar’s modern history has been marked by colonial exploitation, military repression, violence and democracy denied. Grass-roots activists like me and thousands before me have dedicated our lives and sacrificed our safety to change this. But over the past year, an even deeper darkness has descended.

Since it overthrew our elected leaders in February 2021, the brutal and corrupt military that has held sway for decades has gunned down protesters, tortured opponents and plunged Myanmar into chaos.

The United States has rightfully condemned the junta and put in place some punitive measures. But Washington has refrained from taking a siDavid mple step that would weaken the generals’ ability to make war on their own people: imposing sanctions on Myanmar’s lucrative gas revenues.”

David Lindsay: I wonder if the sanctions on gas requested would have any effect. I would like to see an analysis on that question. Could China and others like India simply absorb all of the gas not bought by the US and its allies?

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